Invoice Factoring Vs Invoice Discounting

14 September 2023

INVOICE FACTORING VS INVOICE DISCOUNTING In exchange for immediate cash, a third-party financial institution (called a factor) buys the accounts receivable (invoices) from a customer which are otherwise due to be settled in future. While factoring can provide several advantages, it also has some drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of factoring: Pros of ..

What is Documentary Collection?

01 September 2023

DOCUMENTARY COLLECTION: QUICK OVERVIEW – HOW IT WORKS A documentary collection is a method of payment in international trade where a seller/exporter instructs their bank to forward shipping and title documents to the buyer/importer’s bank, along with a request for payment or acceptance. This process is governed by the rules of the International Chamber of ..

LC Discounting arrangement for UAE based Sugar trader

30 August 2023

Commodity: RAW BROWN SUGAR ICUMSA (600-1200) Exporting to: Kenya Importing from: Brazil Quantity: 12,000 MT Value: USD 8.28 Million Payment Terms: 120 days from BL date We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of a significant Export LC Discounting transaction! Our client, an Agri-commodity trader based in the UAE has approached Capo Fin Corporation ..

Letter of Credit – meaning, process and role in international trade

16 August 2023

LETTER OF CREDIT (LC): A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE – MEANING, PROCESS & ROLE IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE In the world of international trade and finance, the Letter of Credit (LC), also called as Documentary Letter of Credit, stands as a fundamental instrument that facilitates secure and smooth transactions between buyers and sellers across international borders. Whether you ..

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