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Navigating Finance: How we secured funding of USD 1Mn for an American wholesaler in brand-new, original, sim-free mobile phones

13 April 2024

In the constantly changing world of technology, the mobile phone trading sector shines as a symbol of creativity and potential. Entrepreneurs seeking to break into this profitable industry often face the initial challenge of obtaining sufficient funding.

Capo Fin Corporation started by carefully creating a detailed business plan that laid out our goals, market analysis, competition, and financial projections. A clearly outlined plan not only helps to define our goals but also acts as a crucial instrument when dealing with possible CapoFin’s investors or lenders.

Armed with our business plan, CapoFin set out on a mission to investigate different funding options. Within the wide array of funding options available, Capo Fin Corporation explored various sources such as bank loans, lines of credit and supply chain financing. CapoFin thoroughly investigated both local and national financial institutions and credit funds, comparing interest rates and other terms. Within the same month, CapoFin successfully secured financing from a US based Credit Fund with terms acceptable to the borrower.

CapoFin can help in arranging Supply Chain financing from international and local credit funds. To apply for financing, click here.

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