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CapoFin is a US headquartered fintech platform offering innovative trade financing solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the globe. It supports companies by providing solutions to unlock liquidity stuck in unpaid invoices through its blockchain technology with AI capabilities which manages customer onboarding, KYC, credit analysis, compliance, documentation, buyer approvals, transaction handling, disbursement, monitoring & collection.

CapoFin assists companies in achieving working capital optimization. It provides specialized solutions to satisfy the unique needs of the customers whilst also assisting them in time and money savings. CapoFin’s cutting-edge platform combines technology with in-depth knowledge of the finance industry to offer its clients dependable, effective financial solutions thereby eliminating risk and enabling customers to flourish. CapoFin deals with SMEs to help them overcome financial obstacles and succeed in business.

Major Challenges faced by SMEs

  • High setup cost and maintenance
  • Transactional credit line (one-off credit limits)
  • Collateralized financing
  • Complex funding process
  • No off-balance sheet lending
  • Minimum utilization requirements
  • Finance solutions with low credit limits and high pricing
  • Fixed repayment method
  • Late credit approvals
  • No early settlement discounts
  • Physical submission of documents
  • Limited currency transactions
  • Fully secured line (recourse to the borrower)

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