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LC Discounting arrangement for UAE based Sugar trader

30 August 2023

Commodity: RAW BROWN SUGAR ICUMSA (600-1200) Exporting to: Kenya Importing from: Brazil Quantity: 12,000 MT Value: USD 8.28 Million Payment Terms: 120 days from BL date We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of a significant Export LC Discounting transaction! Our client, an Agri-commodity trader based in the UAE has approached Capo Fin Corporation ..

Letter of Credit – meaning, process and role in international trade

16 August 2023

LETTER OF CREDIT (LC): A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE – MEANING, PROCESS & ROLE IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE In the world of international trade and finance, the Letter of Credit (LC), also called as Documentary Letter of Credit, stands as a fundamental instrument that facilitates secure and smooth transactions between buyers and sellers across international borders. Whether you ..

Structured Financing arrangement for Sulphur trader

20 July 2023

Payment under Collection Documents Commodity: SULPHUR Exporting to: India Importing from: Middle East Value: USD 7.5 Million Payment Terms: 90 days from BL date We are happy to announce the successful completion of a significant Collection Document Financing transaction! Our client, a mineral trading company based in the UAE has approached Capo Fin Corporation with ..

Trade Finance in Dubai, UAE

12 July 2023

TRADE FINANCE IN DUBAI, UAE Trade finance consulting is a specialized area of expertise that plays a crucial role in facilitating international trade transactions. Our Trade Finance consulting services involve a range of financial and advisory services designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of cross-border trade, mitigate risks, and optimize their financial operations. The ..

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